Known for developing nationally recognized commercial, film and television projects Barking Fish is a one-stop shop for development, production and post-production including high-end motion graphics and animation. Barking Fish specializes in storytelling and works intimately with the development and production team to bring visions to life. The Bfish Team is made up of experienced technicians and artists with a commitment to not only seeing, but understanding the Big Picture. 

Barking Fish Entertainment was designed to bring passion and ability together. The team strives to create spectacular, original visions that we are proud of and work extremely hard at what we love to do. This is evident in the quality of our work and the continuously growing network.



Partner, Executive Producer / Aymie Majerski

Aymie has an extensive background in development, production and post-production spanning the past 13 years. As a principal of Barking Fish, Aymie has developed and produced nationally recognized entertainment projects including AMERICAN FIGHTER with UFC’s Rich Franklin, REBOUND: A BASKETBALL STORY with Nick Clooney, IndieViz (a series of film school tutorials for aspiring young film makers and musicians), 4192: THE CROWNING OF THE HIT KING (a theatrically released documentary film chronicling the career of controversial baseball legend, Pete Rose), and 7 BELOW, a psychological thriller starring Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames. Aymie is skilled at bringing the pieces of a project together and seeing it through to final delivery. As the glue that holds it all together, Aymie’s producing style combines a laid-back life philosophy coupled with un-compromised business acumen.

Partner, Director, Editor / Terry Lukemire

Terry is an award-winning filmmaker and certified Avid Master Editor with over twenty-two years experience. As Editor, he has cut everything from National broadcast commercials and corporate work to independent films and television series. AMERICAN ICON marked Lukemire’s directorial debut where he also fulfilled the roles of producer, cinematographer and editor. This was followed by THE KING OF KARAOKE, which won Best Comedy Short at the 2002 Hollywood Film Festival; LIMELIGHT, which premiered at the 2003 Seattle International Film Festival as one of only nine selections in the New American Cinema category. Along with producing partner, Aymie Majerski, he has developed several television projects including the sports-oriented doc-series AMERICAN FIGHTER starring UFC’s Rich Franklin and two back-to-back sports documentaries; REBOUND: A BASKETBALL STORY & 4192: THE CROWNING OF THE HIT KING. “4192” tells the playing career of one of MLB’s most controversial players, Pete Rose. It won Best Documentary Feature at the 2010 LA All Sports Film Festival and garnered critical acclaim. Lukemire’s latest film in which he performed duties as Editor, Colorist and Post Production Supervisor, 7 BELOW, a supernatural thriller starring Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames continues to generate profit through worldwide distribution outlets.